GlowfarmsThe Future is Bright

What do you do when everyone around you continues to produce food the way you know it no longer works? Simply: by doing better yourself!

In 2022, Glowfarms approached us with the question, how do we transfer our innovative vertical farming system to our B2B customers in the best possible way? We immediately became enthusiastic, because who wouldn’t want to help an impact organization build a brighter future?

Road to Impact

Based on our “Road to Impact”, we have analyzed Glowfarms from A to Z to establish a clear mission and vision and to arrive at their unique Glowfarms formula™. This can easily be taken under your arm to explain why Glowfarms is the only solution for a more sustainable future in food production.

Glowfarms, the vertical farm that is just that little bit smarter than the rest and invites everyone to help build a better world.

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