Impact Partners

Together with our partners, we ensure that your brand stands strong.

In collaboration with the Future of Food Institute, we assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your consumers. Data are more important than ever, which is why we collaborate with the Future of Food Institute. The combination of data, knowledge, and intuition leads to the best choices. By collaborating with the Future of Food Institute, we can illuminate the consumer perspective, enabling you to make better choices for your brand.

Alterego & Better Future Factory combine their superpowers to assist you in making your packaging future-proof. Alterego with their expertise in branding and packaging, and Better Future Factory with their expertise in sustainability and technology.

Together with Ymagine, we support you in shaping your vision and business strategy to be clear and understandable for everyone. Business and brand strategy are inseparably linked to each other. We always work with a multidisciplinary team within your organization to ensure that your future vision is embraced throughout the entire company.