WE ARE ALTEREGOHigh impact branding agency

About us

We no longer differentiate between individuals and brands; as long as you’re striving for a better world, you’re a hero in our book. When you inspire others to share the same mission, it creates even more heroes. We call this the Hero-2-Hero PrincipleTM.
That’s why we develop positioning and branding concepts not from a B2B or B2C perspective, but from a Hero-2-Hero approach. All decisions are made based on human emotions.
We help organizations make a positive contribution to people, society, animals, and the environment by inspiring and mobilizing them with our expertise and creativity. We build brands that have the power to influence emotions and, in turn, save the world.

Since 2002

Alterego has been around since 2002, so we have quite a history. That translates to two decades filled with challenges, exciting projects, and beautiful memories! We’re eager to share all the experience we’ve gained to build a world full of heroes!


Brand Positioning

In a world with an abundance of choices, the right positioning provides the answer to the question: why should they choose you?

High Impact

Bringing your brand to life physically and online? We ensure your brand grabs attention and prompts your target audience to take action.

Brand Design

Your visual identity should be so strong that your target audience recognizes it without reading the name or seeing the logo. The power of design.