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Alterego is a creative full-service marketing bureau in THE HAGUE with roots in wine and gastronomy, specialized in PACKAGING DESIGN and BRAND ACTIVATION. We work with our clients to create stand-out communication for products, services and BRANDS – in both shape and story. From there, we use every method possible to bring these products, services, and brands to life. On the shelf, on the street, and online. Creatively, effectively, across media.

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Brand design

Brand design with a heart

Alterego designs brands as people – with an inner identity, a specific way of doing things, and a face to show the world. With passion, form, color, structure, style, and words. This is how we give existing brands an unexpected boost and bring new brands tangibly to life, with brand identities that touch people.

Package design

Effective packaging design

Packaging is a brand’s most elementary tool of self-expression. That’s why we believe a rock-solid packaging design is an essential part of our brand-building business. With the competition for shelf space is getting tougher than ever, a product’s packaging needs to be able to tell a story in a glance. A story that time after time leads to a purchasing decision.

Brand activation

Creative brand concepts

Alterego brings brands to life by showing consumers how they are relevant to their lives. Sometimes by offering a fresh new experience; other times by offering a practical solution at just the right moment. We translate brand values into physical form for unique brand experiences.

Signus Pavilion

Brand Activation

Alterego developed a brand movie for Signus inflatable pavilion. Video is the means to stimulate the senses in addition to storytelling. It can also show the specific properties or functions of your product clearly.

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Brand Activation

For Bavaria, Alterego implemented the brand positioning of the beer family 8.6. “Intense by Nature” is the overall theme that has been extended to all products. From a merchandise brochure to a brand movie. Intense it is!

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Brand Activation / Packaging Design

Aldi Netherlands will be the first supermarket to make healthy snacks more attractive for children with Disney characters. Alterego fully supports this initiative and has proudly implemented the children’s line ‘Disney Kitchen’ on various healthy products.

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Wild Pig Wines

Brand Activation

Behind the wines of Wild Pig there are hidden stories that not everyone knew existed. Until Alterego went to work for this wine label, produced by the wine house of Gabriel Meffre, from the Southern French region of Languedoc.


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B-Roll Video Bandoeng

Brand Activation

Consumers are indoors but still want to buy. Online sales have nothing but increased in recent weeks! But how does the consumer make his choice? Read reviews and watch videos? Alterego believes in the power of seduction. Even today. The type of video that does that well is a ‘B-Roll Video’. What that means? Just watch this video.

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