Building a motorhome without a blueprint takes time, a lot of extra time I can tell you. After every step I complete I have to think; what is the next step and how am I going to do it? Certainly more than once I had to break down something I had already built because I had thought about the next step, but not well enough.. A construction drawing gives direction, saves time and costs. I know that now.

What does this have to do with your website? A wireframe is the construction drawing of your website and to save time and money I advise you not to be as stubborn as I am.

You define the structure of your website in a wireframe. You determine the framework within which you will work. You think about the functionalities, the layout and the customer journey without determining the content exactly. You decide where to show your logo, where to find the search bar, where images are placed in relation to text, where to share your contact details and where to find your buttons/call-to-actions.

A wireframe shows how the visitor can travel through your website. Your (future) website consists of different pages, a page of different parts and these parts contain various click-through options. By thinking carefully about where this will be placed (the UX), you optimize the experience (the UI) of the visitor.

Based on your wishes, requirements and objectives, we develop a wireframe for you. Without objectives, creating a website and therefore a wireframe is pointless. That wireframe can look like the example below. It’s always gray and boring, after all you don’t need anything aesthetic for structure and functionality. As soon as your wireframe is ready, we can get started with the design and then build the website.

In summary

  • You build a wireframe as soon as your objective is clear
  • A wireframe provides frameworks within which you can work
  • A wireframe reveals the structure of your website
  • A wireframe forces you to think in advance about the required functionalities
  • A wireframe helps with an optimal customer experience
  • A wireframe saves time and money
  • Don’t be stubborn like Simone with her van

So before we build your website, we’ll create a wireframe. Do you have any questions about this? Then please contact one of our specialists.

Written by Simone de Jong

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