Alter ego:

[Latin: other self]

A close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

Your new brand identity

Alterego has been active as a specialist in brand identity and brand activation since 2002. Using creative brand strategy as our base, we work with you to uncover the core of your company or product. Building on this foundation, together we create a new brand identity in words and form. From logos to complete packaging design, and from creative concepts to online marketing. Since our earliest days, we’ve been the alter ego of many brands – from Aldi to Zorro.

We activate brands by putting them in motion. By combining creative marketing communication and strategy with exceptional graphic design, we set your brand apart – on the shelf and in the heads and hearts of consumers. We’re always striving for better results.

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Good art inspires,
good design motivates

– Rumi

The 3 essential pillars for every brand according to Alterego

Brand design

Brand design is more than coming up with a logo and company colors. Mostly, it’s the feeling that people get when they encounter your brand. We understand this involving experience like no one else. That’s why we build brands with hearts. That is our strategy: by combining empathy, passion for design, and insight into our changing society, we design brands with unique personalities.

Brand presence

Packaging design isn’t about beauty or placing art on the shelf. It’s about creating a visually appealing differentiation between your product and those of your competitors. About creating a recognizable brand image on the shelf, one that people choose intuitively. Our team are artists in creating stand-out packaging designs that drive sales, ensuring the perfect mix of brand experience and strongly positioned design. Designs that ensure consumers understand your product and want it.

Brand activation

People decide for themselves where they want to belong and what brands they value. That’s why it’s very important to stop creating brands designed for specific groups, but instead create brands with their own identities. Brands that offer a slightly different experience from the rest, leading to a positive brand association that consumers want to share with others.

Our team

Yuri Pieplenbosch

Creative Director (owner)

Simone de Jong


Tibby van der Plas

Senior Projectmanager

Max van den Berg

Creative Designer

Michelle Molenaar

Creative Designer

Perry Jansen

Creative Designer


Colette Klautz

PR manager

Caroline Verschelden

Online strategist & accountmanager

Chris Langstraat

Web & Graphic Designer

Lennard Blok

Video Editor

Jan Garnaat


Alterego is partner of the international agency collective GS&CO.


The icing on the cake

In our aim at the highest quality, Alterego is regularly rewarded with a nomination or awards. Whether for a successful campaign, a unique packaging design, our contribution to a special product or because we are committed to a good cause.

Nominated in the category | Food & Beverage
Campagne | ‘Sayah spekkoeklikeur’ (Layered cake liqueur)
Client | Sayah Drinks

With the packaging design for SAYAH Spekkoeklikeur, Alterego has won the Best Package Design Awards 2021 from DesignRush in the Food & Beverage category. The bottle has a luxurious look with various Indonesian style elements, such as the Wajang doll and the Batik print.

Nominated in the category | Alcoholic drinks, packaging design
Campagne | ‘Sayah spekkoeklikeur’ (Layered cake liqueur)
Client | Sayah Drinks

Alterego was nominated fort he NL Packaging Awards 2018 with the packaging design of SAYAH Spekkoeklikeur, in the alcoholic drinks category. The bottle has a luxurious look with various Indonesian style elements, such as the Wajang doll and the Batik print.

Winning category | Sweet Sandwich Toppings
Campaign | Kiekeboe (Peekaboo) ‘Fruit Sprinkle Houses’
Client | Bee & Cee Foods

The Kiekeboe Fruit Sprinkle Houses of Bee&Cee Foods were chosen as Best Product of the year 2015-2016. In the ‘Sweet Sandwich Toppings’ category, these cheerful houses scored highest in the Dutch Consumer Survey, organized by Q&A and Consumer Contest Company. Alterego took care of the full branding and packaging designs.

Winning category | Non-wine importers
Campaign | ‘What wine mood are you in?’
Client |
France Agrimer

With the ‘What wine mood are you in?’ campaign, Alterego won a Product Board Wine Marketing Award, which was presented during the annual Wine & Marketing symposium. The Product Board Wine Marketing Awards were an annual crowning achievement of the best marketing efforts in the Dutch wine industry. Submissions were assessed by an independent jury of industry professionals.

The Wine Moods campaign linked French wines to certain states of mind. On the website, people could put together their own wine moodboard. The concept was also rolled out in print and introduced during tasteful events, such as Venuez in Rotterdam, a Silent Disco during the Margriet Winter Fair and an actual Mood Party at Woodstock69 on Bloemendaal Beach. Lose your on-the-shelf selection anxiety and listen to your feelings. French wines are just as versatile as you are!

Nominated in the category | Non-wine importers
Campaign | Reflowering of J.P. Chenet in the Netherlands
Client |
Les Grands Chais de France

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