Talent Providers

Starting an IT recruitment agency with a lot of energy and ambition but without knowing where to begin? You are at the right place at Alterego Marketing.

Niche market

Who are we? What do we stand for? How should we profile ourselves in the market, and how do we want to express this? Questions that are obvious when starting a new company. Similarly for Talent Providers, an IT recruitment agency with the ambition of building a great recruitment team to help multiple companies with their IT staffing challenge. For both owners this was already clear, but where to start? Because how do you find that one untapped market to make this successful? That is where Alterego Marketing comes in.

We know how IT works

Alterego Marketing is not only responsible for the creative process, but also the substantiation of the strategy is part of the assignment. By first getting clear who both owners are and where exactly they want to go, you can start a researchand try to reconcile this with the vision of Talent Providers. Who are the future competitors? And what emotional values ​​does the target group use? Important questions that are answered during the process of determining the market position of Talent Providers. It certainly is a challenge; starting a recruitment agency at a time when employment agencies are shooting up. All the more important to stand out!

After the positioning study, the strategy was determined and we had the opportunity to bring it to life. To make this happen, we could create social media images, and design the new logo and corporate identity. Also the website was designed by Alterego Marketing, see www.talentproviders.nl for the result.