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With the theme ‘ROOTED IN LIFE’ Alterego has updated the image of Sherry. For three years, Alterego addressed a new generation of #sherrylovers. A clear B2B and B2C strategy was chosen, in which online branding and social engagement played a big part.

An all-out effort was also put into PR, with food and wine workshops and tastings for wine teachers, the catering industry and consumers. “Sherry has an artisan character and is very unique. In addition, this drink lends itself well for drinking chilled and is also affordable. Just like Gin and Cider, Sherry has all the elements to become a popular drink” according to Yuri Pieplenbosch, Founder of Alterego.

“Sherry is rooted in a rich history and is about to be (re)discovered by foodies and trendsetters”

Alterego introduced the concept “sherry + tapas = shapas” in the catering industry as the perfect serve, and told the story behind Sherry in an online video which reached over 30.000 views in a short amount of time.

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Very unique wines from Jerez

The Rooted in Life campaign for Sherry Wines took place from 2015 to 2017.

Take a trip to Sherry country

Did you know that…

  • one of the actresses and also model for this campaign listens tot he name ‘Chery’ in real life.
  • our male model likes to spin the record and is known as DJ Novasoul.
  • the whole crew spent 3 days in Jerez and surroundings to record the video, the rest of the video is recorded in Holland.
  • the production manager in Spain also photographed Javier Fergo during the Flamenco festival.
  • Art director Yuri enjoyed his last piece of ‘jamon’ during the recordings in Jerez, he is now a vegetarian and enjoys vegetable dishes, with a glass of Sherry of course.


By creating unique content and spreading it on social media, we generated traffic to the Sherry Wines website. With our own content and by working together with guest bloggers we inspired the consumer with recipes, tips and background information.

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Events & tastings

For the promotion of Sherry Wines in the Nederlands, Alterego organized a diverse range of events. From B2B tastings and trade fairs to supporting the Copa Jerez and the International Sherry Week.

The international Sherry Week was rewarded with the ‘Best Digital & Social Campaign award’ by the Drinks International Wine Marketing Awards. An important recognition by one of the most progressive awards in wine and beverages industry.

Wine Marketing Awards

International Sherry Week

Copa Jerez

B2B activiteiten

To improve the image of Sherry Wines, Alterego worked closely with importers, retailers, restaurant owners, sommeliers and trainers. By creating sales tools and joint promotions, we managed to give these wines from Jerez a positive vibe.

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All about the Sherry Revolution