SAYAH Spekkoekliquor

Alterego provided the branding for SAYAH Spekkoeklikeur liquor (liquor of layered cake). This brand is proud of its origin and Indonesian identity. They wanted to have that reflected in a new packaging that Alterego designed for them.

The new bottle has a luxurious look with various Indonesian style elements, such as the wajang doll and the batik print. The year 1796 refers to the ancestor of the family and the pay-off ‘Dutch delight with an Indonesian twist’ refers to the unique historical bond between the two countries.

A special detail is the spekkoek that is hidden in the pattern on the back label. You can only see it if you look through the diamond on the front label of the bottle.

With the packaging design for SAYAH, Alterego was nominated for the NL Packaging Awards 2018 in the category alcoholic beverage packaging. This also resulted in an extensive article in Verpakken Magazine.

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Best Package Design Award

With the packaging design for SAYAH Spekkoeklikeur, Alterego has won the Best Package Design Awards 2021 from DesignRush in the Food & Beverage category. We are proud to have once again received a nomination for this packaging design and to have won it.

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