Pauwels Sauces

Since 1909, the Belgian sauce manufacturer Pauwels has been producing the best Belgian sauces, vinaigrettes and deep-frying fats and oils for the professional user in food service. With Alterego as creative partner for the last few years, not only has the entire product range been restyled and the positioning strengthened, but also a brand-new food service website was launched, and various creative concepts, advertisements, stand designs and animated videos were developed by Alterego.

Go on an adventure with Pauwels

With the main theme ‘Adventure’ as a framework for the marketing activities of Pauwels, Alterego turns the spotlight on the new catering packagings of these Belgian sauces. The packagings are an adventure on themselves. From an exciting Mystery Sauce, to an Andalouse and an exotic Hawai Sauce; the packagings represent adventurous flavors that the consumer will taste. Your snack suddenly becomes an adventure!   | 

Alterego provides Pauwels with:

  • Animation videos – In addition to creative end-of-year videos, Alterego has also developed a number of animation videos to introduce the new line of sauces. The commercial was shown on the local channel VTM Vlaanderen.
  • Web design – Alterego did not only develop the Pauwels corporate website, but also an extensive platform for the horeca industry full of information, tips and recipes about the Belgian sauces.
  • Trade fair promotions – The Pauwels adventure positioning is also a hit in the professional industry market (b2b) and therefore the adventure theme is reflected in our trade fair promotion in collaboration with “Dinner in the Sky” during the Horecatel trade fair.

Sales increasing packaging design

We provided the packaging of the Pauwels horeca range with a new look. With a complete restyling of the entire product line, Alterego contributes to the permanent investment of Pauwels to put the best quality sauces on the market. The restyling resulted in a considerable increase in sales over a short time.