Neptunus Herring

Commissioned by Haasnoot Fish Group, Alterego created the concept of a campaign to introduce the mildly pickled herring fillets of Neptunus.

The image of this new product was supported by tasty photography, self-developed recipes, a website and a catchy introduction video. All under the slogan ‘Hollands Nieuwste(newest Dutch), a nod to the annual Dutch new herring – commonly referred to as ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (new Dutch).

These mildly pickled herring fillets are a healthy delicacy, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also 100% natural, just like the annual ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’.

This delicious herring variation comes in many surprising flavors. Whether you fancy an Oriental salad, a bun with a bite, beetroot salad, a cassis crostini or a red herring cracker, an Italian salad or sushi … the versatility of this unique herring product of Neptunus is endeless.

Photography & recipes


Neptunus presents…
Hollands Nieuwste!

Alterego created the food photography and developed recipes for this new product. The tasteful styling turned the recipe page into a showcase of beautiful mouth-watering images.

Part of the introduction campaign was an on-pack and online win promotion. Participants had a chance to win an overnight stay on the SS Rotterdam, or several culinary prizes from Le Creuset. The promotion was communicated through an action sticker on the packaging and promoted via an online video campaign.

This introduction didn’t go unnoticed by the press: shopping items appeared in magazines such as Flair, Libelle, Vriendin, Koken en Genieten, Gezond Eten en Foodies Various bloggers also started working with the product.

“All doctors get out of the way,
the New Herring arrived today!”