In addition to introducing a number of renewed packaging designs, Alterego also took care of various communication elements for Inproba. From a bottleneck label for the Ketjap Manis sauce to make it stand out on the shelves, to tasteful advertisements and a truck design. In every case, the Indonesian roots of the products are combined with appealing images to trigger the modern consumer.

Renewed product development

Recently, the ‘Chili Sauce Sweet 50% less sugar’, for which Alterego has developed the packaging design, won the ‘Gekozen Product van het Jaar 2019’ (Product of the Year) election.

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Vernieuwende productontwikkeling

Onlangs werd de ‘Chilli Sauce Sweet 50% minder suiker’, waarvoor Alterego het package design ontwikkelde, winnaar van de verkiezing ‘Gekozen Product van het Jaar 2019’.

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