Fisherman's Choice

“Our snack packaging is dated, which is why we need your expertise. We are looking for a total package! ”

This was literally what Fisherman’s Choice emailed us in December 2018. The restyle of two brands, Super Choice and Fisherman’s Choice, a total of 28 packaging including new product photography. That is how our collaboration started at the end of 2018.

The packaging of Fisherman’s Choice could use a modern and new look. The assignment; give the packaging an international appearance and highlight the ten languages that must be mentioned on it. And Alterego wouldn’t be Alterego if we didn’t include a logo in a redesign like this!

Alterego designs packaging based on a marketing idea. As a result, a major Dutch retailer decided to include more Super Choice products in their range and we are proud of that!

In addition to the packaging, we’ve also provided the two main means of communication for Fisherman’s Choice with a new style.


Fisherman’s Choice has been an expert in the market for fish and shrimp products for 25 years, putting their customers first. This led to the request of developing an appetizing brochure with which they can inform their customers. In addition to a clear overview of their range (with the new look), Alterego also provided wonderful images of food photography.


The website could not be left behind and was also incorporated with the new look of the packaging and the brochure.

Take a look at the website here