B-Roll Video attracts more

A good video seduces! We believe in the power of seduction. A video should stand out and invite you to play it from beginning to end. A “B-Roll video” is a good way to do that!

What is a B-Roll Video?

The name is derived from a certain camera technique in which the story is told with a lot of movement and dynamic.

An A-video is a (static) video with only one main subject. Think of a single product or of someone telling a story. This can become tedious and cause viewers to lose interest. The B-video creates more character around the person and / or the product. This keeps the attention of the viewer and moves people to action, provides more leads and ultimately increases sales.

B-Roll Video Bandoeng 22

Dutch deligth with an Asian twist

After the success of Sayah Layered Cake Liqueur, Alterego designed the successor Bandoeng’22 as well. The Asian spices, combined with Dutch craftsmanship, make for a unique liqueur with PANDAN flavour.

You can enjoy Bandoeng’22 as a pure drink on the rocks, but it’s also great for food pairing, cocktails and desserts.

Alterego has made a seductive B-roll video for this product.

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