In 2008 a financial crisis broke out. At that time Aldi Netherlands decided to approach Alterego, but why? We were specialized in the high end segment at the time; a market with luxury products. That’s exactly why!

A wave of resignation took place in the Netherlands and consumers were forced to purchase more consciously. Discount supermarket Aldi wanted to keep the consumers who had not visited them before, which would not work with the unattractive packaging on the shelves. Aldi needed Alterego for that!

Alterego first took a closer look at the spreads for bread, starting with Tamara jam. How did the jam get its name? Tamara turned out to be the purchaser’s assistant, not really a story to tell… Alterego developed ‘De Zoete Zon’ for the spread that owes its sweet taste to the sun. Helaes Pindakaas was also invented by Yuri (founder Alterego). If there are no marketing budgets, we use guts to create a cheesy pun as a brand name and everyone still talks about it. Even now, 12 years later, that can’t be expressed in value!

We have now been working with Aldi for more than 10 years and our designs can be found throughout the store; from Dropmakers (sweets), Mama Nature (bio products), SnackFan (fried snacks) and Sawa rice products to the Una cleaning products, Milsani (dairy), Kiekeboe and Sinterklaas packaging. Watch the video below for an impression.