8.6 Intense by Nature

The wolf is back in the Netherlands and has been spotted at Alterego! At the end of 2019, 8.6 – the roughest beer from the Swinkels Family Brewers – was standing at our door, looking for a fellow troublemaker. Searching for glory and fame, as a “leader of the pack“, in beer country.

To achieve this, 8.6 has reinvented itself and went all the way with a renewed brand identity that is reinforced with a strong pay-off “Intense By Nature“. It is up to Alterego to bring the new logo and can designs a life and take it to a next level in the most powerful video she has ever made!

“Searching for glory and fame as the “leader of the pack” in beer country”

Lifestyle & product photography

Becoming ‘leader of the pack‘ means also a lot of showing of, we made no concessions here. Armed with the latest 8.6 streetwear, we entered the cave of the wolf near the Zillertal Alps in the charming Niederau, Austria; risking our own lives. It wasn’t easy to recognize that cute village anymore, because the rugged nature stood up against us and gained the upper hand. Our rough looking models and the wild nature fully matches the pay-off “Intense by nature” which stands for the DNA of 8.6: raw, intense & out of the ordinary. Intense is also what characterizes the taste of the beer. We’ve all documented these amazing images in the 8.6 apparel guide.

8.6 Launch new design

You would expect we’re there yet, but this rollercoaster just won’t end! The brand identity not only appeared with a new look for a logo and beer cans. Also the very first 8.6 bottle has been launched during a kick-off event, at the beer brewery in Lieshout. This all was supported by our own two film productions. FIRE! SCREAMING GUITARS! EXCITEMENT! And then … BAM! What was first a 2D image has transformed into a gigantic 3D animated 8.6 wolf that shows his teeth, howls and growls.

The bottle reveal was accompanied by our video clip “Unleash the beast”. During this clip the wolf has been released for the first time and revealed on the music track of “Wolfpack & Tony Junior.”

As a result of COVID-19, the demand for 8.6 beer in France, Spain and Italy increased enormously. This led to the demand to create online awareness with videos and create consumer purchase impulses for the new assortment. Every flavor with unique assets had to be highlighted and with eight flavors there is still a lot of work to be done!