Verantwoorde Chillisaus wint ‘Gekozen Product van het Jaar 2019’ met verpakkingsontwerp van Alterego

For Inproba, Alterego developed the packaging design for the ‘Chili Sauce Sweet 50% less sugar’. This product recently came out on top in the ‘Gekozen Product van het Jaar 2019’ election.

This sauce came out best in the Asian Sauces category.

The sauce was tested by a consumer panel of 126 households, and also more than 200 consumers conducted an online survey. For example, they were asked to what extent they found the product innovative and attractive, and if they would actually buy this product.

From both studies, the ‘Inproba Chili Sauce 50% less sugar’ came out as the winner.

Alterego congratulates Inproba with this beautiful culmination at work!