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Rosé d'Anjou

At Interloire's request, we built a brand for an entire appellation (AOC): Rosé d’Anjou. Positioning it as the ultimate summer wine, we helped contribute to the revival of rosé in the Netherlands. For many years now, we've been promoting this brand from the romantic and royal Loire Valley as the King of Rosé. From making it part of the Queen's Day Museumplein celebrations and the Marie-Antoinette Canal Parade boat's Amsterdam Pride event to the Loveland Festival and Libelle Summer Week, we made sure Rosé d'Anjou was always at the party. Always paired with an on-the-shelf sales promotion with partners such as Otazu, Woodstock69, and CuliAir. In addition, every year Rosé d’Anjou is again crowned as one of the jewels of the Loire at Bloemendaal Beach. The beach party – with themes like Dandies, the French Revolution, and the Roaring '20s – is a top event of the year, with Rosé d'Anjou as the shining star. Everywhere "the magnificent life" is celebrated, you'll find Rosé d’Anjou! We'd say it's been a success: in the past decade, exports have sextupled. |

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