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For Aldi Netherlands, Alterego developed a complete store concept, with tie-in packaging designs. Dilly the crocodile has a nose for fun and tasty products for kids between the ages of four and 10. A target group that loves Dora, K3, SpongeBob, and Mr. Bean. The overarching theme of Dilly is "fun." Dilly, however, also has a mission to share the "right" information. For example, by explaining how everything is made or where it comes from!


Dilly inspires the kids' fantasies in a fun and funny way. That's why kids become fans. But Dilly also plays a role in clarifying the origins of products (dairy products, sandwich spreads) and the importance of their use (health, nutrition). Dilly is a childhood hero serving up tasty treats with a side of information and, of course, fun. Dilly is about staying active and setting the right example!


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