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Winning category  |  Sweet sandwich spreads

Campaign  |  "Kiekeboe Fruit Sprinkle Houses"

Client  |  Bee&Cee Foods


The Kiekeboe Fruit Sprinkle Houses of Bee&Cee Foods were chosen as the Best Product of the year 2015-2016. In the category "sweet sandwich spreads," these happy houses took the highest score in the Dutch Consumer Survey organized by Q&A and Consumer Contest Company. Alterego had created the designs and DTP artwork on the packaging sold in Aldi Netherlands stores.

Winning category | Non-wine importers

Campaign | "What's your wine mood?"

Client | France Agrimer

The campaign "What's your wine mood?" won Alterego a Commodity Wine Marketing Award during the annual Wine & Marketing symposium. The Commodity Wine Marketing Awards were an annual coronation of the best marketing efforts in the Dutch wine industry. Submissions were judged by an independent jury of industry professionals.


The wine moods campaign, created for France Agrimer, linked French wines with particular moods. On the website, people can put together their own wine mood board. Rolled out in print at the same time, the concept was also introduced during taste-setting events such as Venuez in Rotterdam, a silent disco during the Margriet Winter Fair, and an actual Mood Party at Woodstock69 on Bloemendaal Beach. Lose your on-the-shelf selection anxiety and listen to your feelings. French wines are just as versatile as you are!


Nomination category | Non-wine importers

Campaign | Reflowering of J.P. Chenet in the Netherlands

Client | Les Grands Chais de Francet

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